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Catch one if you can!!!!

A fun day was had today at the soaporium. Mama and I busted through 200 bath bombs in just a couple hours. We even made these little creatures...

That's right.....

That is Bethany holding our newest creation, in official fashion i might add, Pokebombs!! Each bomb has a special Pokemon figure locked inside...

So here's how you unlock your Pokemon from it's bombshell...

First, run a nice hot bath, and then unwrap your pokebomb and watch it work it's fizzy magic! once your pokebomb has dissolved, your pokemon character will be unlocked.

To the right is a look inside our pokebombs just before we lock the pokemon characters inside!!

Be sure to come see Mama Pearson's latest creations in Gas City, IN, at Mama Pearson's Soaporium, or online at

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