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Petrichor Anyone?

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen! It's here, but with super limited quantities... Get your hands on our latest artistic creation inspired by The Doctor! Doctor Who? you ask... Yes...

This is "Tardis". a moment in time soap created for a special Whovian in your life. Very Rare, limited Edition. Scented to Petrichor.... Wow!! Amazing Blue hue, with swirls of pink & white lightning!! Get your hands on this special gem, before it's gone...

This is "Dalek"! Just waiting to create magic in your bath or shower time regiment. Also. a very rare, limited edition bar. Scented to Petrichor! Green hued soap bar with swirls of yellow & white lightning! Random Colored daleks in every bar. No Bar is the same, so get your hands on at least one!

We're offering these until our batch is come on click over to and pick one up for you, or that special Whovian in your life...

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