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Got Beard?

The Beard is a glorious growth of facial fuzz that many men choose to wear, and lately has become very popular in fashion. From the 5 o'clock shadow to the duck dynasty, there are many styles, lengths, & types. Here's a brief tutorial for the beginning beard boys....

These are just a few of the latest trends in facial fashion. Keep this in mind... If you choose to wear facial hair, pick a style that compliments your facial shape and personality.

With Great Beard, Comes Great Responsibility...

Now that you've got your fuzz on, keep it tame, and looking great. Here's a glimpse into our beard & mustache care line. We've got you covered on all sides...

Mama Pearson's Beard Oil

- wonderful blends of essential oils to give your beard a sheen shine, and helps to tame the hair as well as soothe the skin underneath when "the itch" sets in. Many varieties of scents available, and custom blending available.

Mama Pearson's Beard Balm

- a lotion-esque balm that works wonders to provide extra taming and conditioning on longer beard lengths. If you've got the "Hipster" length going on, then we suggest the balm for you. We've got lots of scents available to match most of our oils, and custom blending is also available.

Some of our satisfied Balm & Oil users....

However you shape it, grow it, style it, or keep it, be sure to keep up the grooming routine with products from Mama Pearson's Soaporium. You can find us at our store in Gas City, IN, or online anytime at:

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