Got Beard?

The Beard is a glorious growth of facial fuzz that many men choose to wear, and lately has become very popular in fashion. From the 5 o'clock shadow to the duck dynasty, there are many styles, lengths, & types. Here's a brief tutorial for the beginning beard boys.... These are just a few of the latest trends in facial fashion. Keep this in mind... If you choose to wear facial hair, pick a style that compliments your facial shape and personality. With Great Beard, Comes Great Responsibility... Now that you've got your fuzz on, keep it tame, and looking great. Here's a glimpse into our beard & mustache care line. We've got you covered on all sides... Mama Pearson's Beard Oil - wonderful b

Workout got you Sore?

New from Mama Pearson's is our latest creation... Blue Rescue. It's a fabulous Deep Muscle Rub with ingredients such as Blue Tansy Oil, Blue Chamomile, Lavender, Helichrysum, & Peppermint all mixed at very precise levels to help with sore muscles and joints. So, why these ingredients? Let us tell you all about them... Blue Tansy Oil - Derived from the leaves of the Annual Tansy plant has been known to help with and soothe irritation. Blue Chamomile - Also called, German Chamomile, has been used for years for its healty anti-inflammation properties. It has also been known to promote relaxation and restfulness. Helichrysum - Helichrysum is a nat

Petrichor Anyone?

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen! It's here, but with super limited quantities... Get your hands on our latest artistic creation inspired by The Doctor! Doctor Who? you ask... Yes... This is "Tardis". a moment in time soap created for a special Whovian in your life. Very Rare, limited Edition. Scented to Petrichor.... Wow!! Amazing Blue hue, with swirls of pink & white lightning!! Get your hands on this special gem, before it's gone... This is "Dalek"! Just waiting to create magic in your bath or shower time regiment. Also. a very rare, limited edition bar. Scented to Petrichor! Green hued soap bar with swirls of yellow & white lightning! Random Colored daleks in every bar. No Bar is the

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