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What's the difference between the two?


All of our bars labelled "All Natural" are truly just that!  We only use natural, earth derived materials.  The oils we use in these bars are only those pressed from plants, nuts, and other natural organisms.  Our colors in these bars come from fruits, clays, and herbs.  The Fragrances found in these bars are from the essential oil blends we infuse.  Some examples of our ingredients would be Honey, Orange Peel, Cucumber puree, Aloe Juice, Argan Oil, Strawberry Seeds, Oatmeal, etc...


While our "Designer" bars are not 100% natural, they are a far cry from the chemically enhanced, mass produced, detergent bars on the grocery store shelves.  We like to call our designer bars, 95% natural, because the only non-natural items these posess are fragrances, & colorants.  Using man-made fragrances allows us to create bars that are scented like your favorite perfume or cologne, while using man-made colorants & enhancers allows for neon colored swirls, and shimmering glittered tops.  

Whatever side you prefer, we've got the perfect bar for YOU!  

Now let's get to fun part.....Choosing Your Favorite!

All-Natural Soaps

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Designer Soaps

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