These amazing bath bombs will create a wonderful bath full of Shea Butter that magnetizes to your skin leaving it smooth and silky.  With over 20 scents to choose from, we've got one just right for your taste.  Manly scents too!  Guys, we won't tell anyone you took a bath instead of a shower!  Directions for use:  Run your nice warm bath, and hop in!  Proceed with your cleansing routine, and when your clean and ready to relax, just unwrap the bomb and place in your bath water.  the bomb will fizz and diffuse its wonderful ingredients into the water.  Be sure to soak all of your skin into the water to get the whole body moisturized.  When you're finished relaxing, no need to rinse off that wonderful magic, just climb out and towel dry.  You'll love the feel of your skin.  Trust us, we use one daily,  Even the men of our house!

Shea Butter Bath Bomb (Sweet Scents)


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