Our Shea butter bath bombs are a wonderful addition to any bath regiment, and release shea butter that magnetizes to your skin, making it a thing of beauty.

What's your Scent Style?

Finding a perfect bomb, is all about attitude, and appealing aromas.  Would you consider yourself "Earthy"?  How about "Sweet & Sassy"?  Maybe you're a Perfume or Cologne lover.      We've created lots of wonderful scent variations just for you and to most importantly, to reflect your specific scent stlye!   

Click on these tabs to choose your bomb scents and make your skin amazing!!

Shower Tabs

Mama Pearson's Shower Tabs are a great addition to your shower routine, and work by releasing scents and aromas into your shower steam.  We offer a select few varieties to help aide in those stuffed up sickly mornings or as an end of the day stress reliever.  Sweet!

The steamier the better #showersteamers
shower bomb 3.jpg
shower bomb1.jpg
Our Shower Bombs create a fizz-tastic mi

Toy Bath Bombs Are Here!!